VIDA helps catalyse the large-scale investment into frontier markets in Africa and Asia to meet global development goals, impacting 2 billion people.

We know frontier markets intimately

We are frontier market experts and have worked on electrification projects in India, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Togo. We understand the needs and challenges of the sector, based on many years of experience in both Africa and in Asia.

We use the best available technology

VIDA uses the best available earth observation, data analytical and modelling technology. As these technologies are rapidly expanding in scope and capabilities, VIDA makes sure to incorporate these developments. Our team understands the landscape of data sources, can validate their utility and knows how to make them relevant to frontier market use cases.

We have a cost-effective approach

We process large amounts of data very efficiently, adding speed and cutting cost. The analysis of satellite images is highly automated and uses machine learning. This is vital, as it enables us to process large quantities of imagery from across the globe. Our models cross-reference these insights with user-specific on-ground data.

We tailor the solution to each customer

While our data analysis is highly automated, the insights are customized for individual users. We spend time understanding individual use cases, customer requirements, local peculiarities and variations in on-ground data qualities. The result is a technology-enabled service that leverages both the power of data and our experience in the market.

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