About Us

TFE is dedicated to achieving universal energy access and to improving investments into remote infrastructure and markets. Our team consists of data technology engineers on one side and village economy experts on the other. This breadth allows us to continuously test and validate new data technologies in the field and work towards specific solutions – such as Village Data Analytics. TFE has offices in Germany and South Africa.


Dr. Tobias Engelmeier


Tobias has more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, renewable energy, energy access and development work. He founded two renewable energy companies in India.

Dr. Sam Duby

Energy access planning and engineering expert

Sam has more than 15 years of on-ground experience of developing mini-grids and digital technologies for the sector. He co-founded the mini-grid smart metering company StemaCo.

Nabin Gaihre

Data specialist and socio-economic modeling expert

Nabin is an expert in energy modelling and software development. He has recently built a mini-grid in Arunachal Pradesh, India.

Shefali Kothari

Diversity and inclusion expert

Shefali is a climate startup strategist for enterprises that drive an inclusive clean economy. She leads VIDA’s bias mitigation strategy.

Philippe Raisin

Data specialist and AI and earth observation expert

Philippe is an expert in earth observation and data analytics using AI technology. He leads TFE Energy’s current engagement with the European Space Agency (ESA).